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Hotels in Kashid
Hotels in Kashid
Hotels in Kashid

Sightseeing in Kashid

Kashid beach at just a minutes drive away from Akash Beach Hotel definitely is the primary attraction near the hotel.

There is lots more to see in Kashid other than the Kashid beach. Birla mandir located in Salaav is the most popular temple near Kashid. Apart from the Birla mandir, Rameshwar temple in Revdanda to its north and Siddhivinayak temple in Nandgaon to its south is also popular temples near Kashid. Korlai fort and lighthouse is worth a visit during a holiday in Kashid. Revdanda fort is located very close to the Kprlai Fort. Murud Janjira in the middle of the Rajapuri creek however is the most popular fort near Kashid.

Kashid is located in the shadows of Phansad Wild Life sanctuary and a visit to the sanctuary is warranted especially afer monsoons.

Watersports in Kashid

Kashid beach is the most popular beach in the region to enjoy water sports in this region of beaches thanks to the much higher waves it enjoys compared to its neighbouring beaches. Almost all the exiting water sports options like bumper ride banana ride etc is available in Kashid including parasailing in the sea. Parasailing is also available on the beach in which you a jeep is used instead of the boat. Murud Janjira is another major attraction during a holiday in Kashid. Rajapuri under an hours drive away from Kashid is where you can get a sailboat to Murud Janjira. A fort in the middle of the sea, Murud Janjira was built on an island 500m off Murud, has the distiction of never being defeated in a war despite numerous attempts by the Portuguese, the British and the Marathas. One of the few forts which eluded Shivaji Maharaj even after repeated attempts Murud Janjira is still one of the most well preserved sea forts in Maharashtra.

  • Forts near Kashid

    Historic Spots near Kashid

    If you are a person with an inclination to visit historic sites you would revel in Kashid and it wouldn't be just the Kashid beach that you would be enchanted by in Kashid! The centuries old Korlai fort & lighthouse and the Revdanda fort is less than 15 kms from Kashid not to forget the formidable sea fortress of Murud Janjira just 20 kms from Kashid.

  • Temples near Kashid

    Temples near Kashid

    In the vicinity of Kashid there are some of the most revered temples in this region of Konkan, Birla Mandir undoubtadly is the most popular amongst them. Chaul, a historic town under the Portugese rule about 20 kms from Kashid is a place that you need to visit if you want to see old temples churches or synagogues near Kashid. Rameshwar temple is one of the most important temples in Chaul.